Spreads, Settings and Links

Here, the spread to be played is selected. Tap the name of a spread to forward to the game table. The first time after an app startup the cards will be automatically shuffled and distributed, later an already started game will be continued.

(In the free version, just "The Daily Card" is activated, a further five spreads are dimmed.)
To the right of each button, a number indicates how many cards are drawn in the respective spread.

Home with 6 playable layings activated (Full Version)


In the lower right corner there is a button (gear symbol) that opens the settings for speak cards (on|off), the voice (male|female), the language (German|English) and for the tooltips (Ocher = On | Grey = Off).

Note: The settings can also be reached during a match with an abbreviation by tapping on the name of the spread (at the bottom left of the chart table).

The window with the settings is closed by tapping the button (x-symbol) in the upper left corner of the window or by tapping outside the window. All settings – except for the tooltips – will be retained even after restarting the app. Tooltips are disabled by default.


  • The acoustic feature "Cards Sound" can only be switched on or off in the settings. (It might be especially useful on small screens, when you can hear which card has just been drawn.)
  • The voice can also be changed directly in the game.
  • The animated flag displays the selected language.
    Note: When changing the language, you leave the current spread! "CBD Marseille Tarot" remembers the status of each spread in the respective language until the app is finished This results in a maximum of 6 x 2 = 12 simultaneously running spreads (six possible spreads in two different languages). You might start one spread, change to another and return to finish the first one later.
  • Tooltips are activated when the button is displayed ocher.
    If the tooltips are active, a field with an explanation of the respective function is displayed after the first tapping on a button. Only the second tap will also trigger the function (concerns iOS). The echoed explanation closes again after tapping outside (concerns Android and iOS).
  • A text field "cbdtarot.com" – on the left above the buttons of the spreads – contains the url to the site of the physicist's and tarot expert Yoav Ben-Dov. You will find interesting literature about the Tarot in English and Hebrew. Yoav Ben-Dov has faithfully restored the traditional cards, published by Nicholas Conver 1760 AD. in Marseilles. He has published the book "Tarot – The Open Reading", which can be ordered there, as well as his printed cards.
  • The button "Privacy" is located at the left bottom, it clarifies the use of collected data.
  • At the bottom centered you will find a green link to the shop. Further spreads can be purchased here.