Here the game takes place. The cards are shuffled, dealt, drawn and interpreted.

CBD Marseille Tarot displays instructions at the top of the screen: Which card is to be drawn next, which card has just been drawn, etc.


card board

A group of 6 buttons on the right-hand side of the screen.
  1. Home
  2. New game, shuffle, deal or collect cards
  3. Open manual
  4. Announcer (voice)
  5. Music Play|Stop
  6. Archive

In the lower right corner is the button (symbol: up arrow) to show or hide the upper buttons.

The current spread is displayed at the bottom left. Tap this text to open the preferences screen.

1) HomeHome-Button

The home button (see icon on the right) returns to the home screen.
There, (if purchased in the shop) another spread might be chosen.

2) New Gamedealer


The card dealer button (see icon on the right) opens the new game window (see picture on the left) from where a new game starts, after one of the six dealing variants has been selected.

Depending on spread you play, one or the other variant is more meaningful. Or you can just choose by your own taste.
CBD Marseille Tarot always chooses the "3 rows" variant for the first time. Just try it yourself!

Note: The variant "circular" is animated quite "bumpy" on Android devices and should therefore only be used in conjunction with powerful processors. 

Info-Button3) Open manual


The game guide (see icon on the right) can also be opened during a game without interfering it. The last reading position is saved and will be restored when you return to instructions again. This allows a quick change between a played spread and the corresponding description.

At its top there are four buttons that scroll to the corresponding locations inside the guide. Worth mentioning is the right one (pictures) showing all the playing cards sorted.
Tapped ards will lead to the screen of respective meanings – as with cards drawn in the game. So maybe you could use the app as a reference book when playing with real cards.

At the bottom left is the back button, which leads back to the current spread. To the right is another home button.

voice4) Select Announcement Voice

When "Cards Sound" was activated in settings, a female or male voice can be selected here (see icon on the right). If "Cards Sound" is deactivated, the button is dimmed and has no function. 

music button5) Musik Play|Stop

Those who wish can be inspired by Beethoven's 5th Symphony in a piano version.

The button (see icon on the right) plays and stops the music. When the music is restarted, the music moves on at the last position. At the end of the track, the "Music Stop" state is automatically restored and the play position returns to the beginning.

archive button6) Archiv


Open the archive (see icon on the right).

Stored spreads remain saved after app is terminated. They are sorted by spread. If you want to open a saved spread, the appropriate spread must be selected. It does not matter in which language the drawing was archived.

  • The field "Filter items" should be mentioned here: If the list of archive entries is very long, entering a combination of numbers and letters helps to shorten the list. For example, if you enter "Mon" only entries containing "Mon" will be displayed.


saveSave to archive after the last drawn card of your spread. A golden button (see icon on the right) will appear, to save the current spread.

After successful saving a window opens (see picture on the left), where the just saved spread is summarized. This window contains a clipboard icon in the upper right that switches to the "copy spread" window (read below).

  • Spreads are listed in the archive with the date and time at the start of the match.
  • To find a spread in the archive, you should remember its date!text reload button

copy spread

As soon as a spread has been saved or re-imported from the archive, the eye icon (see upper icon on the right) appears under the magnifying glass icon. It re-opens the textual summary of the newly saved or replayed drawing.

clipboardIn the upper right corner of that window is a clipboard icon (see bottom icon on the right). Tapping on this icon will bring up a new window (see picture on the left) where the text of the drawing can be selected and then copied.

The copied text might then be used, for example in a mail – perhaps to get your tarot experts opinion on the draw…?

Note: With older devices the "Select All" button may not work. In this case please select manually!