The spread "Secret of the Popess" – often called the "Secret of the High Priestess" – serves as a template here, to demonstrate some features of CBD Marseille Tarot.

Special feature of this spread

The "Secret of the Popess" is special because the ninth card (the secret) is not always shown (revealed) – The Popess keeps her secret, if it is not a card of the Great Arkana (trump card)! In order to convince the popess to reveal her secret, all eight open cards must be "explored" first. Then you also need a bit of luck: the ninth card has to be a trump card!

A wise woman reveals her secrets only when it is absolutely necessary!


cards counter

  • In order to keep a good overview during the game, "CBD Marseille Tarot" provides the cards counter at the left edge of the screen with the "Secret of the Popess". It tells how many cards are drawn and explored.

The cards counter has nine lines, which are filled with the numbers from one to nine according to drawn cards. As soon as a drawn card is tapped, its single view opens and the cards counter notes that the card is now "explored" with a green check mark.

In the example (see image on the right), all nine cards are drawn and the second card has already been explored.


Launch app and choose spread


  • CBD Marseille Tarot launches after tapping its icon on the home screen.
    In the sample image (left) you can see the icon of the Android version, under iOS it looks very similar.
  • The start-up takes a few seconds. Then the home screen appears, where the spread to be played is chosen.
    (In the free version only the "Daily Card" is active). In our example, we tap "Secret of the Popess".
  • The card table is displayed and three rows of cards are automatically dispensed.

new game

  • For the sake of fun, we decide to hand out ourselves and touch the second button at the top right of the table (see icon on the right) – the dealer window fades in from the right.

new game

  • In the dealer window (see picture on the left), we first tap on "shuffle", whereupon the window fades and the cards are being shuffled. As soon as the cards are shuffled for a while, the encoder window reappears. It may be shuffled more than once.
  • When you're feeling that we've been shuffling enough, we'll type "1 bow", for example. The dealer window then disappears again, the cards are quick shuffled once more and distributed in a bow.

toggle buttons

  • To get the card table as neat as possible, we tap the button (see icon on the right) at the bottom right of the card table – the upper buttons then hide all out. Tapping again reverts the other buttons.

All preparations are now complete and the drawing of cards can begin.

It feels the right time now, time for peace, reflection and concentration on the karma…


Drawing cards

secret of the popess #1

The picture on the left: The cardboard table with its text statement above, "Tap the topic card!"

Check the empty cards counter on the left, in the lower left the identifier of the spread, "Secret of the Popess" is displayed.

  • Tap the identifier of spread to open the settings window.
    Once there – check if acoustic announcement of cards "Speek cards" is On|Off.
    Note: At first launch of CBD Marseille Tarot, accoutic announcement of cards is deactivated!
  • Leave the Preferences window either by using close button (x-symbol) on the upper left – or by tapping outside.

Now we draw the first card, focusing on our inner inspiration and tapping a card from the bow. 

secret of the popess #1
A voice says: "The pope."


The instruction is: "Tap the crossing card!"
(see picture on the left)

I think it is interesting when the Popess has her own husband on the subject…

I tap on another card from the bow and the card appears.

Secret of the popess #3The voice says: "The tower."


The instruction is: "Tap the card of the full moon!" That's amazing – a crumbling tower!
This makes me somewhat pensive.

I decided to take a closer look at the pope and tap on the first drawn card…

…The Pope displayes in single view.

Single view shows at its bottom: Meaning of the card within spread, in this case "Topic".

Secret of the popess #4

Single view:

The Pope raises his right hand to a blessing, holding his Ferula in the left. The Ferula, however, is not a regular cross – it comes with seven ends, similar to the jewish Menora! Tattooes with crosses on his hands, and two devout persons receiving the blessing in front of him.

Without tapping the picture one more time (and thus reaching the interpretation text) tap the left arrow on the bottom left to take a shortcut back to your spread.

Now, tapping the full moon card…
…the card flips and floats to its place in the laying.

Geheimnis der Päpstin #5The voice says: "Eight of cups."


Cards counter indicates three drawn cards, the first one is set to "explored".

The third card doesn't tell me nothing at first, that’s why I want to take a closer look by tapping it once again…

…The single view of my card "Eight of Cups" appears.

Geheimnis der Päpstin #6

Centered in foot, written in white letters: "Main power" – corresponding to the lunar phase of "full moon", which is the most powerful force affecting the topic from the outside.

I notice that the Roman numeral "eight" is not spelled "IIX", but "VIII".
Curious about the interpretation of this card, I tap it for the second time.


Its single view with interpretational text of card appears. 

Geheimnis der Päpstin #7 

When reading text, some thoughts come over me:
"[ … ] Interference of the environment in a couple’s relationships. [ … ]"

I guess that with the papal marriage perhaps something goes wrong?

Well, the Catholic priest will probably not get divorced!


Now I will complete the spread quickly, and draw the six cards that are still missing in one pass…

secret of the popess #8

…So, managed that – now, only the ninth card is (still?) hidden!

Before maybe on the finish line something happened to me, I decide to first save the result.

save archive buttonTo do this, the buttons must be re-displayed by tapping the button at the bottom right of the card board. The button group reappears with a newly insert button: the Save button (see icon on the right).

  • The Save button appears only after the last card of a spread. It disappears after single use to avoid duplicate savings.

reload text

Secret of the Popess #9

After saving to the archive, a new window appears with a text summary of the just saved spread (see picture on the left).

The Save button has been replaced by the Eye button (see icon on the right).
This new button will open the text summary window as needed. It is there to copy the text of the drawing and use it elsewhere at a later time. 

  • clipboardA small icon of the clipboard (see icon on the right) at the right top of the text summary window is used to open the copy window.

secret of the popess #10I will try this once and open the copy window.
The text to be copied has to be selected before copying it to the clipboard.

  • In the last line, the "Secret of the Popess" is "secret" in this case.
    This tells us that the ninth card is not a trump card and therefore the secret is not going to be betrayed.
    If it feels too long for you to explore all eight cards, you can "pinch" here!

Continuing the spread


I tap one drawn card after the other, in any order, taking looks at single views and reading their meanings.

Here, the card indicator is a help, especially in the closing stages, when only a few cards are still unexplored.

The eighth card it will be exciting. Is the mystery revealed, or does the Popess keep the secret to herself?
I explore the eighth card and it's done (see picture on the left).

The voice says, "The secret was preserved!"

The ninth card has moved back besides the stack and will not reveal.

revealedExample with revealed secret:

The ninth card switched open and turned upside down, while the voice told the name of the card.


May many friends of Tarot become better acquainted with CBD Marseille Tarot Cards Love.


I wish you all:
Good luck with the cards!