shop ipad EN

  • The store lists purchases among each other.
  • To buy an item, please tap its price (here empty, is entered in the store) and wait a few seconds. The purchasing procedure of App Store or Google Play – depending on your device, will start shortly.
  • Once items are purchased they remain valid forever. They will be activated even without active network, as long as app is not removed from device.
  • If the app has been deleted, or you run a new device, the items with the identification (Apple ID or Gmail mail address) used in the original purchase can be reloaded free of charge from the respective store.

Scroll up or down to find the item you require.

shop errorNotes:

  • The shop requires a network connection to its store. Therefore cbd • SHOP will work only if connection was active, while the app was launched.
  • The network must stay connected during the purchase as well.


A red error message (see picture on the left) appears in the shop, if the device was not connected to internet when launching the app.
In this case app needs a restart with internet up.



In this case, the app does not have to be restarted for shopping. Currently no connection to network is connected.
Either the network is off or the connection is too weak.